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Ion Exchange Technologies
About us
CJSC "Ion Exchange Technologies" is an engineering company focusing on complex introduction of cutting-edge technologies and developments of foreign and Russian manufacturers dealing with environment protection, water treatment, household, storm and industrial wastewater treatment, as well as automated systems for various applications in the following fields: nuclear power plants, power companies, mining industry, steel and iron, chemical, oil and gas industries, municipal field. Our company performs engineering, design, construction and equipment supply in the market of water and wastewater treatment.
Our developments and process solutions help minimize capital and operation costs with providing high reliability and compliance with all relevant standards.
Water treatment:
  •  supply of ion exchange resins for chemical water treatment
  •  plants using membrane technologies (ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis)
  •  iron / manganese removal and disinfection plants (for potable water production).
Wastewater treatment:
  •  household wastewater
  •  galvanic wastewater
  •  combined household and industrial wastewater
  •  industrial and storm wastewater (oil products and suspended solids removal)
  •  exhausted coolant treatment
Environment protection:
  •  sludge drying, disinfection and disposal
  •  waste composting and incineration
  •  automated systems for various applications
CJSC "Ion Exchange Technologies" has vast experience in construction of complex systems of water supply and wastewater treatment for households and factories and implement turn-key projects for construction and renovation of water and wastewater treatment plant, including:
  •  technical solution development
  •  preparation of design and estimate documentation
  •  equipment supply
  •  equipment installation
  •  commissioning
  •  customer personnel training.
Along with implementation of turn-key projects, our company can perform only separate parts of work, such as examination of production and water system at site, water analysis, supply of separate equipment, etc.
We have been existing  in the market for more than 10 years and cooperating with leading equipment manufacturers and engineering companies of the world, producing different equipment and solutions for water business and environment protection, which enables us to choose the most appropriate and cost-saving solutions for our customers.
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