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Chemistry conditions, counter-flow in WTP, membrane filtration, ultrafiltration and ion exchange resins were discussed during the seminar.

Water Treatment Seminar in Irkutsk Region, Russia

At "Irkutskenergo" company, Irkutsk, Russia, a Water Treatment Seminar took place, where such problems as chemistry conditions, usage of counter-flow in water treatment plants, membrane technologies, ultrafiltration, ion exchange and other solutions were discussed.

Experts of CJSC "Ion Exchange Technologies" spoke on securing of reliability of water treatment plants, chemistry conditions and chemical control.

Ms. Olga Parilova, Water Treatment Plant Department Manager, outlined some specific features of counter-flow ion exchange and ultrafiltration in her report "Counter-flow technology, renovation and operation experience" and usage of different membrane brands for construction of chemical water treatment plants in her report "Membrane technologies for water treatment. Merits and drawbacks".






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