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Delalination, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and iron removal installation were presented at ECWATECH-2008

On June 3-6, 2008, the 8th Exhibition Congress “Water: environment and technology” ECWATECH-2008 was held in Moscow. CJSC “Ion Exchange Technologies” introduced ultrafiltration, desalination, reverse osmosis, water softening and water deironing solutions, as well as new developments in water treatment and treatment of galvanic wastewater considered to be one of the most difficult wastewater types to treat.

The visitors were most interested in skid-mounted counter-flow ion exchange units and reverse osmosis units.

At our booth, the visitors from industrial works had an opportunity be consulted on closed water reuse cycles.

Water deironing aroused interest of engineers and managers of municipal enterprises. Great attention was also drawn by container deironing units and module-packaged plants for household wastewater treatment.







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